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Wish You Were Here: Hotel Villa Honegg, Switzerland

Wish You Were Here: Hotel Villa Honegg, Switzerland

Ridiculous mountain top location plus views of picturesque Lucerne and an infinity pool to boot? This is the stuff dreams are made of.


The outdoor pool at the Hotel Villa Honegg in Switzerland fits every description of paradise while being close to the amazing city of Lucerne and the famous mountainous region that surrounds it. It’s luxury at its finest. Can you just imagine yourself seated right at the edge of that pool there, breathing in all that mountain air and feeling completely relaxed?

Also, see those metal seats to the right there? Yep, that’s a hot tub. Have you ever even heard of a hot tub in a swimming pool? It’s out of this world and we must go there right now.

There’s even an indoor pool that plays underwater music while you swim. Could you ask for anything more?


Prices start from 530 Swiss Francs ($740 AUD) for one night in this incredible hotel. Just FYI: the outdoor pool is set at a temperate 34 degrees all year round, which sounds pretty perfect right about now.

(Images: Hotel Villa Honegg)

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