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Get Steamy: A ‘Hot Tub Cinema Club’ Is Touring Australia This Year

Get Steamy: A ‘Hot Tub Cinema Club’ Is Touring Australia This Year

If you’re a movie buff who loves a little hot tub action too, we’ve got just the thing: a Hot Tub Cinema Club is travelling around Australia this year.

Back in April it was announced that the ‘Hot Tub Cinema Club’ would visit Sydney this July, and it’s just been revealed that the event will also be appearing in Brisbane, The Gold Coast and Perth in September.

The event has already pulled crowds across Europe, US and the UK, so we’re pretty thrilled to see it heading down under.

As well as the hot tubs, there’ll be food and drinks available all night. Staff will be on hand to bring you anything you need, so you won’t need to get out the tub for anything at all.


While most cities are yet to announce which films will be airing, though previous films have included The Hangover, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Mean Girls, The Lion King and Anchorman, meaning you’re guaranteed a laugh no matter what.

The exact locations are yet to be announced, but the experience promises to add a little extra fun to your moviegoing experience – as long as you’re okay with getting a little pruny, that is.

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The Hot Tub Cinema Club will undoubtedly be hot property (…get it?), given it’s only offering eight sessions in SydneyGold Coast, Perth and Brisbane. The official website has also announced it will expand to many other locations, including the Sunshine Coast, Newcastle, Hobart, Canberra, Wollongong and Melbourne – keep an eye on the official Facebook for more information.

(Lead image: Hot Tub Cinema Club)

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