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Who Knows Why But There’s A Museum For Broken Relationships In Europe

Who Knows Why But There’s A Museum For Broken Relationships In Europe

Fuelled from their hate of self-help instructions for recovery, Olinka Vištica and Dražen Grubišić decided there needed to be a place where those with collapsed relationships could live out their emotional trauma and overcome it – not hide it away or sweep it under a rug.

The Museum of Broken Relationships – a completely novel and somewhat strange idea for a museum – has set up shop in the baroque Kulmer palace in Zagreb, Croatia, and become a place of remembrance, celebration and revelation.

(Photo: Allan Leonard/Flickr)

The museum grew from a travelling exhibition that revolved around failed relationships from around the world. Patrons could donate personal belongings that reflected an aspect of their past relationships, some even sharing an anecdote alongside the item.

Some are sad, some are funny and some are just plain fed up – each item represents a failed relationship that didn’t work out for one reason or another, and offers introspection and possibly some therapeutic relief to the person who donated it. It’s emotional, unhinged and certainly crazy – but there’s a certain sense of sincerity to all of it.

Even if you haven’t had any particularly bad break-ups, this place will still be a pretty interesting and introspective spot for anyone with a heart. Our tip? Maybe don’t go here with your significant other – it might be a little awkward.

Oh and don’t worry, there’s even an on-the-nose t-shirt to commemorate your time there. Classy stuff.

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(Photo: Museum of Broken Relationships)

(Lead image: Museum of Broken Relationships)

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