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Museums Worldwide Are Currently Battling For *Ahem* The Statue With The Tightest Buns

Museums Worldwide Are Currently Battling For *Ahem* The Statue With The Tightest Buns

It’s a rite of passage to get to an age at which school excursions start taking you to art galleries and museums, where you can giggle your head off at the private parts just hanging out there for all to see.

Then you grow up and start to travel and go to famous museums and art galleries and STILL giggle at the private parts — just a little bit — because maturity hasn’t hit you yet.

As it turns out, curators around the world are fully aware of how funny butts and bits are, because they’ve started battling amongst themselves for the statue with the tightest badonka-donk.

Back in April, #CuratorBattle started on Twitter as a way to remind punters that museums and art galleries still existed in a locked-down, Miss Rona world. Since then, curators have been participating in monthly themes — including their creepiest items — and giving us mere mortals a rare inside look at their collections.

Now, however, they’ve truly outdone themselves.

Kicked off by Yorkshire Museum, #BestMuseumBum is now a wondrous place on Twitter where you can catch a glimpse of all the rounded tooshies ever to be carved into stone.

Other museum curators were quick to take up the challenge, with toit butts being showcased from Colombia to the USA to Europe to Japan and more.

It’s not JUST statues included either, paintings and prints are also invited to apply for the crown.

We stan a competition that’s both ridiculously childish AND informative.

(Lead Images: Unsplash / Inés Castellano)

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