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Is This The World’s Most Amazing Caravan Park?

Is This The World’s Most Amazing Caravan Park?

While the world is pretty much having its moment with caravans – there’s this indoor caravan park in Berlin, and this ace couple from Sydney who have built their own two-wheeled masterpiece – we may have just found the pinnacle of kitschy cool with this place.

Found right in the heart of one of the coolest cities in Europe, the Lucky Lake Hostel in Amsterdam is an awesome caravan campground that’s colourful, whimsical and downright fun.


There’s a mixture of mobile homes that can be rented, including private rooms, female dorms and co-ed dorm rooms. They’re packed with all your regular hostel goodies including a comfy bed, pillow, duvet, heaters, lockers and even a few hammocks out in the common area.


Everything is colourful at the Lucky Lake Hostel. Each caravan is coloured in a bright shade, possibly to help those stumbling home after a big one – it’s a tad easier when you only need to look for a colour, not a room number.


This place is pretty one-of-a-kind – there’s a breakfast bus that serves free breakfast daily, access to a beautiful local lake for kayaking and swimming, and also a super friendly communal vibe.

Prices start at around $43AUD per person, per night at Lucky Lake. Oh and there’s also a free shuttle bus that will pick you up from Amsterdam’s Holendrecht station too. Pretty great.

(All images: Lucky Lake Hostel)

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