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Westeros Is Coming To Washington DC With A New Game Of Thrones-Themed Bar

Westeros Is Coming To Washington DC With A New Game Of Thrones-Themed Bar

With Season 7 slowly approaching (too slow, in our opinion), our Game Of Thrones obsession is steadily picking up again. While we’re blessed with a GoT wine festival here, Washington DC has completely outdone us all with a new pop-up bar that’s basically an extension of Westeros.

The pop-up bar will open on June 21, three weeks before Season 7 is set to drop on our screens and blow our minds. The pop-up will have a series of rooms that correspond to themes in the show. You’ll find the Iron Throne room, the Red Keep, the North and the House of Black and White, which will be filled with plastered human faces (eek!).

There’ll also be a large mural of Khaleesi’s dragons so you don’t forget who the real boss is.


Of course, the drinks menu is just as inspired. You can sip on a ‘Dothraquiri’, ‘A North Remembers’, ‘The Lannisters Send Their Regards’ or a ‘Milk of the Poppy’, to name but a few. Some of them will even be served in crockery so on-theme that you need to leave ID at the bar to make use of it.

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Photo: Drink Company/Facebook

The best part? While the bar is open till late seven days a week, it will close at 7pm on Sundays so the patrons can go home and watch the latest episode. Gotta have your priorities straight.

The bar will be open until August 27 and you can find out more info here.

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