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This Instagram Captures All The Pantone Colours Around The World

This Instagram Captures All The Pantone Colours Around The World

Pantone is iconic for being the certified master of colour. They know what colours are cool, what ones work together, what ones don’t. Pantone’s swatches are a staple for any designer or artist. So it makes sense that an Italian photographer has made it his mission to snap Pantone colours in the wild.

Andrea Antoni started his photography project a few years back when he realised that his Pantone colour palettes matched the landscape he was shooting. He then sought out more places in Italy that reflected the famous swatches and posted them on his Instagram account.

He’s captured the colours of boats bobbing on the water at the Regional Nature Reserve of Isonzo.


And the green, rolling hills in Sauris.


As well as the beautiful architecture of the National Archaeological Museum of Ferrara.


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And the lovely, orange colours of Burano’s canals.


He told Lonely Planet that he thinks the idea has gained so much popularity because it’s relatively simple. It’s also bursting with colour. “I think that life is often really grey,” he says. “We need more colour!”

Hard to disagree with that.

(Lead image: stailuan/Instagram)

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