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Warner Bros. Is Bottling Butterbeer For UK Online Orders, So Accio Credit Card

Warner Bros. Is Bottling Butterbeer For UK Online Orders, So Accio Credit Card

Hello my fellow Harry Potter nerds, this is a safe space and you are welcome here. Ever since I first started reading the series as a pre-teen, the magical foods described are a huge part of the world created. If my Hogwarts letter never arrived (and it didn’t, poop), then at least I could make do with the Chocolate Frogs and Bertie Botts Every Flavoured Beans that started popping up.

Now, Warner Bros. are doing us a solid (well, more likely they’re just doing themselves a solid, but whatever we can all win), by bottling the Butterbeer brew previously only available in the Wizarding World theme parks around the globe.


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In the interest of being upfront, please note that you currently have to be in the UK to enjoy the new product. It’ll be sold in take home bottles from Warner Bros. Studio Tour London and the Platform 9 ¾ Shops at King’s Cross Station, Heathrow Airport, and Gatwick Airport.

It’ll also be available online from or, so maybe you can convince your British buddy to do you a solid and post it to Australia for you?

If you’re wonderinf what it actually tastes like, Professor Flitwick is here to let you know:

Having visited the Harry Potter Wizarding World in Los Angeles a few years ago, I finally got to try Butterbeer. It was… not as exciting or creamy as I’d hoped, but I was still nerding out hard in this world in this HP world. Despite not being as into it as I’d hoped, would I still smuggle it into the country, along with some HP-themed candy? Absolutely, yes.

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