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It’s Not Just You, Reports Show Not Being Able To Travel Is Messing With All Our Emotions

It’s Not Just You, Reports Show Not Being Able To Travel Is Messing With All Our Emotions

As my fellow passionate travellers, I know you understand me when I say that the more you see of the world, the more of an addiction it becomes to see even more of the world.

When a global pandemic suddenly took that ever-constant possibility off the table for us, I have to admit there’s been a literal tightness in my chest that only happens when I’m feeling a little trapped. While I’m fully aware that I’m incredibly lucky during all of this chaos — I still have a job, and my health, and a strong support system — I still can’t shake that feeling.

According to a trend report released by American Express, I’m not the only one feeling the emotional effects of restricted travel.

In fact, the 2020 Amex Trendex report found that people in the U.S.A are missing travel so much that it’s taking an emotional toll on their well-being.

While there’s obviously a lot to say about America’s handling of the COVID-19 situation (*cough* Donald Trump’s a dick and people who support him are idiots *cough*), and it seems that they have way more movement than we do here in Australia, let’s just focus on the actual feels, shall we?

After survey 2,000 people around the country with a household income of USD$70,000 a year or more, it turns out their emotional responses are relatable as hell.

Nearly half of the people survey (48 percent) felt that being restricted from travel was making them feel  “anxious and stressed”.

A full 78 percent of responders (or three out of four) listed travel as “one of the top activities they miss the most right now”.

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As much as they’re missing travel, 67 percent noted that would still start off with small travel groups when it was safe to hit the road again. They’ll also looking to book their trips directly with providers so they can discuss restrictions, closures, and what they can expect when they get there. Not surprisingly, cleanliness and flexibility will also be important factors.

It’ll be a strange new travel world, but my god am I ready for it.

(Lead Image: Unsplash / Element5 Digital)

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