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Travel Hack Of The Day: A Two-In-One Cupholder & Tablet Mounter

Travel Hack Of The Day: A Two-In-One Cupholder & Tablet Mounter

Some geniuses have invented a nifty gadget for your next flight: a two-in-one drink holder and tablet mounter that will not only save you precious leg room, it will ultimately eliminate the need to have your tray table down at all.


Convenient and revolutionary, the Airhook attaches onto the seat-back in front of you and folds out into a drinkholder, keeping your beverage safe from bumps and knocks. It can also be used as an electronic device holder, allowing you to clip in your tablet or phone to create a makeshift television screen right in front of you if you’ve loaded your iPad up with the series you’re currently binge-watching.

The Airhook has an added bonus of being able to adjust its angle if the person in front of you reclines their seat.


The Airhook is relatively small and easy to travel with, measuring in at just 3.8 centimetres tall and 9.1 centimetres wide. Though this nifty stand is only in pre-production, the company’s Kickstarter reached its $15,000 goal within just 73 hours of its launch and hopes to get the very first Airhooks out to the world by December 2015.

(All images: Airhook)

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