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All Of The Greatest Animals To Have Ever Been Allowed On Flights, Ranked

All Of The Greatest Animals To Have Ever Been Allowed On Flights, Ranked

Animals On Planes: Ranking The Animals People Have Taken On Planes

The world is surely cursed, Australian politics is a joke and Hollywood is still butchering the Australian accent, but two pigeons snuck onto a plane over the weekend, so don’t abandon all hope just yet.

Passengers boarding a flight from Ahmedabad to Jaipur, India got a shock when they found two pigeons in the cabin before takeoff.

The birds caused cute-as-hell havoc (and a half hour delay), and the video is the first good thing to happen this month. Now let’s forget our troubles and watch it:

Look at those pigeons go! They clearly don’t care about airplane etiquette, and they laugh in the face of being captured by humans. In a way, they’re a mascot for every worn-down millennial who just wants to break free from a dead-end job or a shitty relationship.

To celebrate these free spirits, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of animals on planes. Whether they’re brought on for emotional support, as service animals or have their own seats, these high-flying animals are the only passengers we ever want to sit next to.

Here are 8 animals on planes, ranked:

#8 Snakes on a plane


As we all learned from Samuel L. Jackson, snakes should never, ever get loose on a plane.

But that didn’t stop a man from trying to smuggle seven (yes, seven!) snakes into a plane by stuffing them in stockings and then inside his pants. Luckily, TSA agents found the snakes before this waking nightmare could became a reality.

To recap: Snakes On A Plane the movie = bad. Snakes on a plane IRL = bad.

#7 80 hawks

Image: lensoo / Reddit

What’s better than two pigeons on a plane? Literally 80 hawks.

The Reddit user who brought this wonderful photo to our attention told CNN that the birds were travelling to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where it’s actually fairly common to transport falcons in the cabin. But normally airlines have a six falcon per flight restriction, so this is exactly as weird and wonderful as it seems.

#6 Flirty the horse

When you can’t have a dog, sometimes other animals have to fill the role of service animal. That’s exactly how Flirty the miniature horse ended up on a domestic flight in the US. And we’ve gotta say, she handled it like a pro.

#5 Hamlet the beach hog


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Most respectable humans turn into pigs when they fly, but this actual pig was apparently a delight to fly with. When Hamlet wasn’t posing with the cabin crew, he was chilling with his owner in their seats or munching on chips. That’s all I want to do on a flights, too, Hamlet.

#4 Pete the penguin


Once upon a glorious time, SeaWorld and Southwest Airlines teamed up to raise awareness about penguins.

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Obviously they did this by letting penguins waddle down the aisle of planes in mid-flight. Consider me aware.

#3 Daniel the duck


Daniel the duck can sense when his owner is about to have a panic attack, and calms her down when he feels one coming on. He is a very good duck, wearing very cute shoes, and we should all be lucky to meet him on a plane one day.

#2 Coco the bunny

First, take a minute to process the fact that this rabbit does long-haul flights better than any of us. Then, appreciate this high-flying bunny for the queen she is.

When Coco’s owner, Takako Ogawa, realised that the seat next to her was empty, she asked cabin crew if she could let the rabbit out of her carrier. For the rest of the 11-hour flight, Coco luxed it up in Business Class, rocked a bowtie, and ate all the snacks eager flight attendants brought her. We are truly not worthy of Coco, the high-flying Business Class bunny.

#1 Henry Cavill’s dog


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Henry Cavill’s Instagram is one of the only good places on the internet because it’s got 1) photos of him working out and 2) photos of his dog, Kal.

The actor’s been known to fly with Kal as an emotional support animal. All dogs are good dogs, but Henry Cavill’s dog calming him down on a plane is the best dog.

(Lead image: Leio McLaren / Unsplash)

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