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Wish You Were Here: Alpeniglu, Austria

Wish You Were Here: Alpeniglu, Austria

You know how when you’re a kid and you first learn about Eskimos and igloos and you’re like, “Hell yes, this is how I want to live my life”. Well you could soon live out this dream – at least for a short while, thanks to the Alpeniglu Resort in Brixen im Thale, Austria.


Located near the mountain station of Hochbrixen in the Brixental Valley, Alpeniglu is a village built entirely out of snow and ice that is very popular with skiers and hikers. The complex has numerous igloo suites, a bar, an art gallery and even an ice church. Head over to the restaurant for fondue on a crystal clear ice table or pick up a bevvie at the bar with a glass made out of – you guessed it – ice. Neat, huh?

A chill romance.

Your welcome at the Alpeniglu resort will be anything but icy, with warm sleeping bags and reindeer hides provided for your comfort. Cosy up in your winter layers and stretch out on bed carved from a slab of ice to enjoy a unique night’s sleep smack bang in the middle of nature.


Village packages include ice carving workshops, torch-lit hikes through the forest, and a visit to the ICE LAND exhibition – an incredible display of intricate ice sculptures. A night at Alpeniglu starts from $271AUD per person.

(All Images: Alpeniglu Resort)

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