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Two Nightclubs In The UK Are Blasting 4 Hours Of Non-Stop ‘Africa’ By Toto

Two Nightclubs In The UK Are Blasting 4 Hours Of Non-Stop ‘Africa’ By Toto


Toto’s ‘Africa’ low key high key slaps – facts are facts. The 1982 cult hit turned meme has well and truly stood the test of time, getting people off their butts and on their feet to boogie across nightclub dancefloors around the globe for close to 40 years.

Don’t wait for the DJ to finally come to their senses! Get to one of these nightclubs in the UK, where the tune will be blasted for four hours straight.


Besides a bloody good time, the reasoning behind the events dubbed Totally Toto in London and Sheffield is to raise funds for Temwa – an African charity dedicated to helping reduce poverty and promoting sustainable community development in remote communities in northern Malawi. Of the proceeds from ticket sales and donations, 100% of profits will go towards raising funds for Temwa.


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You better warm up those vocal cords! Totally Toto will take place at The Lexington in London on Thursday, November 15 between 11pm and 3am and on Saturday, December 8 between 11pm and 3am at The Plug in Sheffield.

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For more information on both events, or to get your hands on some tickets, check out the event website.


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