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Gold Coast Schoolies Nightclubs Ranked From Hottest To NOTtest

Gold Coast Schoolies Nightclubs Ranked From Hottest To NOTtest

It’s time. The moment you’ve been planning for since pre-school is here. Exams are over, school is done, and it’s time to get lit AF at Schoolies (or if you’re a parent and you’re reading this… it’s time for a quiet, relaxing, spiritual week in with the girls xx).

Schoolies is one big fat congregation of teens from all over Aus with one intention… to party hard or die trying (figuratively speaking). It’s where public, private, selective and sports high schools all come together to chuck woah so hard that they’ll feel it in their ’40s.

So if you’ve just turned 18 and you’re ready to hit the clubs, then Surfers Paradise is about to become your new playground.


We’ve put together a list of Surfers Paradise Night Clubs ranked from HOT to NOT, so you’re guaranteed to have a fun time this Schoolies.

#1 The Bedroom


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The Bedroom is where the hottest of hot go. Seriously, if Justin Bieber or Delta Goodrem went clubbing, they’d go to The Bedroom…oh wait… they have.

If your older brother and sister never told you about The Bedroom, that’s cos it used to be known as Vanity until the owners changed it back to the original name in 2016. Wonder why they call it The Bedroom? Hopefully it’s obvious, but the place is decked out with gigantic king-size beds, that are most definitely not for canoodling with your lady friend (speaking from experience).

Our hot tip is to head to The Bedroom around 7pm and get your stamp, because then you can leave and won’t have to worry about fighting the crowds later to get in.

#2 SinCity


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SinCity is like going clubbing in Vegas, except, you’re not in Vegas, you’re on the Gold Coast surrounded by 18-year-old wannabe Tammy Hembrows.

The nightclub itself is lit, decked out with red lights, podiums, and a DJ who’s number you’re gonna wanna get. The music here is housey, mixed with R&B, and every single person who’s in there is getting ready to have a good time.

#3 Underground Nightclub


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If you’re looking for R&B bangers, look no further because Underground is the place to be. This place bleeds your favourite urban hits, with Beyoncé and Rihanna sure to pop up at some point in the night (musically speaking).

Located downstairs from Shooters, Underground is known for its VIP booths, dance comps, and DJ sets. Make sure you get in early tho, because Underground can easily garner a line for days. If you’ve got an inner Cardi B, she’s sure to jump out in here.

#4 Shooters


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Shooters is your pinnacle Schoolies nightclub. They partner with the official Schoolies organisers to offer discounted entry and cheap drinks for teens, so you’re either guaranteed a lit night out. The line is usually pretty chill, and if you work your magic with the bouncer you can easily score yourself free entry. Oh, and this place is hook-up central, if that’s what you’re looking for.

While it’s not the most ‘elite’ club on the planet, if you love a rave and some quality beats then this is the place for you.

#5 Cocktails

If you’re not into the crowded rave scene at Shooters, then Cocktails is your best bet. The place is massive, as it’s one of the largest nightclubs in Surfers.

Depending on what mood you’re in, it has three different rooms, so you can be twerking one minute in the R&B room, then dropping the bass 2twominutes later. And if you want to just chill for a bit, you can head to the pool room for some peace and quiet.

Cocktails is also a mainstream Schoolies club, so you’ll find a huge array of people flaunting their iconic pink lanyards. Chuck a little extra smile on your way in, cos the door girls definitely have some free drink vouchers on ‘em.

#6 Elsewhere


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Honestly, you can’t leave Schoolies until you head to Elsewhere. It’s been around for 15 years but it’s stilljust as lit as it was back then.

Elsewhere has this certain, retro vibe to it, mainly because of their LED square dance floor which is so Dance Battle 6. The music is house/techno/electro vibes, so get ready to hit the woah, cos when the bass drops…it drops.

#7 Melbas on the Park


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Melbas is a popular place for locals, and has a very classy, upscale, ‘chic’ vibe to it. It’s definitely not your messy club, as it caters to a more mature/local type of audience.

The interior of Melbas is lit, decked out with neon signs and palm trees, sure to have you feeling like you’re in a beach bar in Miami.

They’ve got a strict dress code, however, so ditch the Zanerobe tee and Thrills hat and head on down for a killer night.

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