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The Internet Is Obsessed With This Hotel’s Room Service Robot

The Internet Is Obsessed With This Hotel’s Room Service Robot

Room Service Robot: All The Best Reactions To This Cute Robot Butler

Technology’s constantly changing the way we travel, and the latest (and greatest) innovation is this room service robot in a hotel in Shanghai.

Personally, I never order room service when I stay at a hotel because I’m poor and I hate talking to people. But if my order was brought to the door by a friendly robot like the one that Anna Fifield met, I’d probably start ordering things I didn’t even need just to see it’s happy little face.

Anna, the Beijing bureau chief for The Washington Postshared the video to Twitter saying “I called for more coffee pods in my Shanghai hotel room and this is how they came to me.”

Her video quickly caught the attention of more than 22,000 people, who can’t seem to decide if the room service robot is a sign that we’re living in the future, or a harbinger of doom.

Beyond the novelty of having a robot deliver coffee to your door, people have latched onto the robot’s message.

It starts talking in Mandarin as Anna takes the coffee and, after being dismissed at the press of a button, yeets off down the hallway, still talking as it barrels through the hotel. Twitter users fluent in Mandarin were quick to translate the robot’s message:

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While others are just impressed at the robot’s speed and honestly, same.

Whomst can say what the room service robot has in store for society. But it has a smiley face sticker on it so I, for one, am convinced.

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