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This Incredible Expanding Suitcase Is Like A Wardrobe On The Go

This Incredible Expanding Suitcase Is Like A Wardrobe On The Go

So we’ve already sorted how to pack a backpack, but one aspect of packing you rarely consider is what happens when you arrive at your destination. You know, when you’ve tried to get a pair of pants out from the bottom of your pack and unintentionally turn your room into a floordrobe?


It happens to the best of us. But what else are you supposed to do? Bring your whole wardrobe with you or something?




It’s called a Shelfpack and it’s effectively reinventing packing as we know it – it’s a suitcase with integrated shelves. It’s bloody genius.


There are four built-in shelves in the Shelfpack! The shelves drop into the base! There are three spacious outer compartments! And room for your shoes at the bottom! It rolls too! Pardon us for being excited in the face of the greatest invention of the 20th century.


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You’ll be able to fit quite a bit in there too – the folded-down Shelfpack case is 66 centimetres tall, and with the shelves up it’s about a metre tall – and it weighs about 6.5 kilograms empty. Pretty sweet.


You can buy the Shelfpack case online. There are three sizes of the Shelfpack available to pre-order now, starting at US$168 for the smallest – a carry-on version. The medium-sized Weekender case goes for US$179 and the regular sells for US$189.

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