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All Packed Up: The 8 Essentials You Need In Your Bag For An Aussie Weekender

All Packed Up: The 8 Essentials You Need In Your Bag For An Aussie Weekender

One of the big travel trends looking to continue into 2021 is the rise of the road trip. Obviously your exact packing list will depend on where you’re off too and how long you’re planning to go, but there are a few essentials you’ll always want to take with you.

From the best walking shoes, to cool sunnies, to travel-friendly beauty essentials, here’s what we’re packing for a road-bound weekend adventure.

1. Hat


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I mean, obviously. Not sure if you’ve noticed, but Australia in summer is bloody hot and sun safety is real. Luckily, it’s also highly fashionable.

The bucket hat made a confusing return to the spotlight this year. Mostly, I hate it, but I am partial to this leather-look one from Seed.

I’m personally a much bigger fan of the Akubra-style hats hitting the fashion stands. Will & Bear is pretty much your one-stop hat shop,  and they’re an Aussie brand. I’m a huge fan of this straw version of the Akubra-ish trend (better for super hot Aussie summers, IMO).

2. Sunscreen


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Sunscreen has come a LONG way from the greasy stuff forced on me as a kid. My go-to body sunscreen is this one from Natio. Once again, it’s an Aussie brand, it’s a natural skincare company, it’s strong at 50+, it’s well-priced AND it honestly just feels like I’m putting on moisturiser.

I’ll often used Natio’s face moisturiser with 50+ sun protection as well, although I switch to the CC+ cream from IT Cosmetics if I want more colour. A friend of mine swears by the Ultra Violette sun serums as a lightweight, under makeup option too.

3. White Sneaks

Whoever invented the white-sneakers-with-anything trend is my actual hero. Packing for a road trip means you don’t have space for a million shoes. It’s also highly likely that you’ll be doing a lot of walking around, even if you’re not planning on doing any legit hiking. The white sneaker is perfect for both these reasons — they’ll go with just about anything and keep your feet from aching.

There’s obviously a million choices and price ranges. Never forget that Kmart is literally the best store ever for style on a budget, and these espadrilles are super cute and only $8-17.  Meanwhile RM Williams makes sneakers now and they’re super sleek.

4. Sandals


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A pair of sneaks and a pair of sandals is literally will cover all bases — except maybe a pair of thongs as well, but you can work that one out for yourself.

For the sake of matching everything in your bag, keep them simple and neutral. Honestly, can we just talk about how cute these tan Knot Slides are from Mara & Mine? The leather elevates your casual slide, without getting too over-the-top, and while being super easy to fit in your bag.

5. Sunnies


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Someone actually needs to stop my sunglasses habit, no-one needs as many sunnies as I own. However, a solid case can be made for the eco-friendly, plant-based sustainable frames from Aussie label, Local Supply. You’ll only be taking one pair on your adventure, obviously, so make a wise choice.

A classic aviator style like this one is always easy to match with your outfits, but I’m also a fan of big frames like these and these.

6. Travel-friendly hair and skin care

One of the only silver linings that came out of 2020 was being able to see just how much of an impact tourism can have on the environment. I don’t know about you, but it’s definitely motivated me to switch as many of my products as possible to eco-friendly ones.

Add to that the need for your hair and skin care not to take up too much room in your luggage, and my choice lands on Ethique. They’ve got a range of solid bars — from cleanser to shampoo and conditioner — that are compact, safe for the planet and actually work really well.

7. Epic phone lense


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It’s 2020 and we’re not apologising for wanting some nice photos of ourselves anymore. It’s also been a very long time since anyone has carried a camera AND a phone, so let’s just concentrate on making our phone cameras the best they can be.

For under $30, the CamKix Universal 3-in-1 kit comes with a fisheye, macro and wide-angle lens that clips onto your phone. As for selfies specifically, try this bad boi from Casetify. The clip-on accessory includes a ring light with three levels of brightness.

8. Weekender bag


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Obviously, you’ll also need a bag to pop everything in. Suitcases are a bit much, considering most of us are leaning into localised long weekends for 2021, and we’re not jumping on a plane so the weight of your bag suddenly doesn’t matter. That means it’s all about style, baby.

I’m more than a little obsessed with this boho duffel bag made from vintage carpets and leather by bohoMagasine on Etsy. Also can’t go passed this canvas duffel from Away Travel. Canvas makes it lighter to carry, and it’s got all the extra pockets you want to keep your stuff organised, like a shoe compartment and laptop sleeve.

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