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This Mobile Hotel Room Is Delivered To Whichever Location You Want

This Mobile Hotel Room Is Delivered To Whichever Location You Want

Picking the right hotel on holiday can come down to a number of things; amenities, accessibility, cleanliness and (maybe most importantly) location. Nothing spoils a holiday more than a less-than-desirable hotel location. Maybe you’ve thought, ‘gosh, I really wish I could stay in the hallowed grounds of Djurgården in Norway, and not just overlooking them’. Well Scandic To Go is your solution, dear friend.


Back in 2014, Nordic hotel chain Scandic decided to do the unthinkable – let their guests decide where in the world they wanted to stay for the night. These lucky travellers pick their own dream destination, and set up a cutesy mobile hotel room for them for the duration of their stay. Since it went off without a hitch, they’ve continued to do it, and it seriously sounds amazing.

Ever wanted to stay in the wilds of Alta in Norway? Or Savonlinna in Finland? What about Bornholm in Denmark? Don’t worry, Scandic can make it happen.



And you won’t be roughing it out in the wilderness either; the two mobile homes on offer are 18 square-metres in size and each come equipped with two bedrooms, a bathroom, free Wi-Fi, air conditioning and even their own terrace. The bathrooms are equipped with a shower, soft bathrobes and even a bunch of toiletries too.


You’ll get all the amenities of a hotel room too, a fridge, comfy beds, online check-in and even complimentary breakfast each morning. Sounds pretty perfect to us.


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Scandic To Go hotel rooms have been set up in over 40 different locations across Scandinavia already, with over 200 people spending the night in their very own bucket-list location.


Check out their gallery of past locations here, or you even even say ‘to hell with it’ and book your own dream destination in the Nordics here. Go on, how can you say no to an offer like that!?

(All images: Scandic/Facebook)

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