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Bet We Can Make You Want To Go To Norway In Just 40 Seconds

Bet We Can Make You Want To Go To Norway In Just 40 Seconds

You know what’s great about Norway? Everything. Home to cool cities, an awesome history (vikings!) and breathtaking fjords, this Scandinavian delight was voted the best country in the world by the UN, so you know it’s not just a pretty face. It begs the question – why haven’t you been to Norway yet?

Maybe it’s fallen behind on your bucket list? Maybe you think there’s places out there that deserve more attention? That’s fair. But you should really reconsider – Norway’s about to become your number one travel destination, all thanks to this 40 second video. Behold.

Oh wow.


You can find this spectacular vantage point at Rampestreken, in the coastal town of Åndalsnes, just over an hours drive from the local Alesund airport.

The Rampestreken viewpoint offers a spectacular view over the fjord and the Åndalsnes township. To get there, it’s a moderately easy hike from the city centre, though the final section is a little steep. But that view? Damn.

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I echo the sentiments of the man in the video, “What a view!” And also, “How terrifying”.


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