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This Lake Is Basically An IRL Screensaver

This Lake Is Basically An IRL Screensaver

There comes a time in any person’s life when they’re so bored they find themselves staring blankly at their computer’s desktop background and thinking, ‘Wow, that place sure looks nice’. I mean, they choose those automated locations on purpose – they’re soothing, pristine and almost always insanely beautiful. One such place you can actually visit IRL is Moraine Lake in Alberta, Canada.

Seriously, this place is actually real.


There is surely nothing more majestic in the world. The way those lush green trees collide with the impossibly blue water – it’s not natural: it’s supernatural.



Moraine Lake is located in Banff National Park, about 14 kilometres from another impossibly beautiful spot called Lake Louise. Situated in the Valley of the Ten Peaks, the lake is fed via a nearby glacier and reaches its full capacity in late June, right in the heart of Canadian summer.

That crazy blue colour you see there? That’s due to the refraction of light coming from the rock flour that’s deposited into the lake every day. Or, it could be magic. We suspect the latter.


Visitors can hire kayaks (or bring your own!) to see the lake from water level, and there’s a bunch of cool hikes surrounding Moraine Lake that’ll help you find the very best vantage point to view this celestial sight. It’s a looker from any angle.

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Pro tip: pick your season carefully – the road towards Moraine gets closed off when there’s heavy snow in the heart of winter so check the national park websites for details. Also, arrive early; the carpark fills up quickly, so if you’re wise, be sure to head out pre-breakfast for a sunrise, then spend the day gobsmacked by nature.


In case you haven’t heard, all of Canada’s National Parks will be free in 2017, so there’s never been a better time to visit this IRL screensaver for yourself. Trust us when we say: seeing it in real life is so much better.

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