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You Can Now Tour The Shipwreck Of The Titanic (If You Want To Break Your Own Heart)

You Can Now Tour The Shipwreck Of The Titanic (If You Want To Break Your Own Heart)

You can now tour the shipwreck of the famous Titanic, just like Rose did in the opening scene of the film.

The Titanic ship will always remain a legendary, tragic figure from the early 20th century. Setting sail for the first and last time in 1912, the Titanic was pitted as a symbol of triumph in maritime innovation; it was the ‘unsinkable ship’ until its devastating collision with an iceberg near the coast of Canada caused it to sink four days into its voyage.

James Cameron’s Titanic is also a very, very sad film that ruined everybody’s life.

Now, because we’ve all stopped grieving Jack Dawson’s untimely death (btw, we haven’t and never will), a private tour company is taking 12 lucky passengers on the submarine voyage of a lifetime to view the actual, real life shipwreck.

Photo: Blue Marble Private

It will be an eight-day long journey setting off from the coast of Newfoundland, Canada. Guests will submerge underwater in a special titanium submarine and taken on a tour through the Titanic shipwreck, which includes a viewing of that famous grand staircase.

jack dawson
You know the one :'(

If this sounds like the ultimate adventure activity to you, be warned, it won’t be cheap. The trip will set you back over AUD$136,900 (US$105,129) per person. Funnily enough, this amount is roughly the same, if you include inflation, as a first class ticket would cost on the fateful trip in 1912.

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titanic 2
Photo: Blue Marble Private

The experience will commence in May 2018 and 9 lucky passengers have already signed up in anticipation.

Check out Blue Marble’s website for more info.

(Lead photo: Titanic/Paramount Pictures)

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