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These Bubble Rooms Let You Share A Thai Jungle With Roaming Elephants

These Bubble Rooms Let You Share A Thai Jungle With Roaming Elephants


Stayed in enough fine but boring hotels to last a lifetime? Well, it might just be time to get up close with elephants in a Thai jungle.

Anatara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort is perched on a ridge overlooking Thailand’s border with Myanmar and Laos. Its rugged, romantic jungle setting is compelling enough, but the real draw is in the hotel’s name.

That’s right: instead of a dull car park right outside your room, you get roaming elephants.

Even better, you can watch the gentle giants from your transparent, air-conditioned ‘Jungle Bubble’. The spacious Jungle Bubbles, complete with king size bed and a (non-transparent!) en suite bathroom, are perched on a wooden deck above the forest.

You really are in a see-through bubble, allowing an uninterrupted view of your neighbours in their natural habitat. The rooms also come decked out with a mini bar, nightly dinner basket and 24-hour room service.

You’ll see elephants doing what they do, without humans disturbing their daily rituals like river baths and mud play. The resort also does its bit to help protect the animals in Thailand, via the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation.

Oh, and the Jungle Bubble’s design is also pretty perfect for stargazing at night.

An experience this unique doesn’t come cheap. Rates start from 17,700 Thai Baht (around $850 AUD) per night for two people.

Looking for more Thailand travel inspiration? If you still haven’t been, the bustling capital of Bangkok is a good place to start. Ranking in Google’s top trending holiday destinations for 2020, Bangkok is full of surprises and thrills. Even if it’s a bit noisier than a bubble in the jungle.

(Lead Image: Jungle Bubbles / Anatara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort) 

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