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These Mini Cardboard Batteries Will Save Your Life*

These Mini Cardboard Batteries Will Save Your Life*

We’ve all been there. You catch the bus alone for five hours from San Cristóbal De Las Casas to ruins of Palenque. The ride is beautiful and you listen to an album you love through your headphones, snapping photos when you can. Five hours is pretty long, so you start playing with your Solitaire app and browsing through the pictures you’ve already taken on this trip. They’re nice.

When you finally arrive, the picturesque ruins sit atop a lush jungle landscape and the photo opportunities seem endless. There’s so many incredible spots to snap, but you see the money spot – the perfect place to get some Instagram gold. “This will probably break one hundred likes, ” you think to yourself, seemingly climbing with the temperature in the humid tropics. You arrive at the spot, raise your phone to make some magic and….the silver apple appears. The screen coughs up its last burst of life and fades to black.

Sound familiar? Well for those of you who don’t have time for that, you might be interested in this new invention from designer Tsung Chih-Hsien. The phone-charing cardboard “pills” are called Mini Power and they’re kind of like a bonus life or level up for your phone. The point of difference is that these battery boosters use paper battery technology, are tiny, and can be recycled after use, with no pre-charging required. The small capacity battery is for urgent use, and will come in four different sizes based on extra amount of time required – two, four or six hours.


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They can be purchased in bulk and torn off a perforated strip making them the perfect travel companion – just throw a bunch in the coin section of your wallet so they’re always on hand. Break that 100-like barrier.

The Mini Power batteries are still in the development stage but having just won the 2014 Red Dot Design Award, hopefully they’ll be rapidly shifted to the shelves.

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