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These Incredible Treehouses Can Only Be Accessed By Zip-Line

These Incredible Treehouses Can Only Be Accessed By Zip-Line

The Gibbon Experience treehouses

If you’re looking for a holiday experience that’ll leave you feeling on top of the world, we reckon this treehouse accomodation in Southeast Asia will do the trick.

The Gibbon Experience in Nam Kan National Park, Laos, is home to the some of the world’s tallest treehouse accomodation, which is perched among the jungle ferns more than 30m above the ground. They’re so high up the only way to access them is via zip-line.

The Gibbon Experience treehouses

Here’s how it works: Guests sign up for a one- or two-night adventure through the forest, stopping for meals and rests in treehouses along the way. Each treetop home has been designed differently, built by locals and from local materials.

The Gibbon Experience treehouses
Daytime activities include swimming under waterfalls or zip-lining through the trees. As you’d expect, the jungle is home to an array of beautiful wildlife, so don’t be surprised if you befriend a few monkey pals along the way.

The Gibbon Experience, Laos

Best of all, the Gibbon Experience is leading the charge with the eco-tourism trend. It employs local staff to run the property and protect the forests against illegal activity, like logging, hunting, fishing and deforestation — onya, guys.

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Two-day tours start at $270, and can be booked via the website.

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(All images: The Gibbon Experience / Facebook)

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