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This Ingenious Flat Bottom Hammock Is Pretty Much All You Need

This Ingenious Flat Bottom Hammock Is Pretty Much All You Need

Nothing beats a lazy afternoon spent lounging in a hammock with a good book and a cold beverage, but it’s always a sad moment when you eventually have to, y’know, get out of the hammock and return to real life. Luckily, the folks at Norwegian company Amok Equipment have solved that problem for you, with an elegantly-designed camping hammock that is really more like an aerial tent/permanent residence.


While normal hammocks tend to fold their occupants into a banana shape that is less than ideal for sleeping, the Draumr hammock lets you lie flat on an inflatable sleeping pad, shielded from sun, rain and biting critters by a detachable tarp and mosquito net.


The Draumr, which can fit a single person (the only downside – no snuggling) and up to 120 kg, can be set up between any two trees separated by a distance of 2.5 to 6 meters, and weighs in at a highly-portable 2 kg. It also features a drink holder, a small pocket for electronics, and best of all, with a quick pull of a cord it converts into an upright, swinging lounge chair.

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There is no conceivable reason to ever leave the Draumr once you’ve set it up, so for those of you who have just seen Wild and are feeling inspired to quit your job, stop paying rent and answer the call of nature by striking out into the wilderness: do it.

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