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You Can Finally Camp On Water Thanks To This Floating Tent

You Can Finally Camp On Water Thanks To This Floating Tent

SmithFly Shoal Tent

When someone coined the phrase “drifting off to sleep”, we don’t think they meant it literally, but someone’s gone and invented a tent that floats on water anyway.

The Shoal Tent by SmithFly fishing and camping suppliers is the “first of its kind inflatable raft with a tent topper that allows you to sleep out on the water”.


Its description suggests floating campers will be lulled to sleep by the gentle ebb and flow of their chosen farm pond, spring creek or river eddy, but I, for one, reckon it’d be pretty difficult to get a restful night’s sleep on a bed that could end up in the middle of the ocean without warning (that’s how geography works, right?).

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Whatever your feelings about sleeping on water, the folks over at Smithfly recognise that assembling a tent is a special kind of black magic, so you won’t be expected to do it ankle-deep in a flowing stream. The Shoal Tent is simply inflated (there are no tent poles, thank God) on dry land before being “launched” onto your chosen body of water.

It’s supported by three air chambers that SmithFly says stand up to high winds without any problems and a 15cm-thick high-pressure base that doubles as an air mattress.

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The first batch of Shoal Tents will be available in December or January and will set you back $1950 ($1499USD) a pop. Sleep tight.

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