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PSA: Aldi’s Next Special Buys Will Have Everything You Want For That Chrissie Camping Trip

PSA: Aldi’s Next Special Buys Will Have Everything You Want For That Chrissie Camping Trip

It’s no secret that Aldi — patron saints of people-who-like-doing-things-but-are-on-a-serious-budget — have some really epic Special Buys. It’s also no secret that half of Australia seems to go on a cheeky little camping trip over the Christmas holidays.

When those two things combine, it’s a good time, so you’ll want to mark December 26 down on your calendars for all the camping gear coming out in Aldi’s Gone Camping Special Buys.

Image: cast iron camping set

We’re talking an entire cast iron camping set — with dutch oven, frying pans, grill plate, jaffle iron and more, all in a nifty wooden storage crate — for just $99.

Or how about a four-person pop-up tent for $49.99, with folding camp chairs to go with it at $29.99 each. You can even top it off with an air mattress that comes with a foot pump in a single size for $14.99 or queen size for $29.99. Frankly I want one of these just for when guests come to stay in my one bedroom apartment.

Image: camp chair, four-person pop-up tent

There’s actually just SO much stuff, I can’t even list it here, but you’ll find camping essentials — like a dry bag — for just $9.99.

There’s also a rechargeable bug zapper (very essential for Aussie summer trips) for $49.99 and a tent fan (also very essential, even if you’re camping in your car, to be honest) for $14.99.

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Image: inflatable mattress / dry bag

You get it, it’s a good sale. If you’re new to camping (and many people are taking up for 2021), this is a good place to start. After that, take a look at our tips to glamp out your vehicle without spending a fortune. Also our tips for getting the cheapest price on your campsites, because every cent counts.

Then, it’s just the fun of deciding where to go. These 11 amazing campsites around the country should get you started. Or just say screw it, and book in for glamping instead — no judgement.

(Lead Image: Provided / Aldi Australia)

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