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Sorry France – The World’s Best Croissant Is Right Here In Australia

Sorry France – The World’s Best Croissant Is Right Here In Australia

France is known for heaps of things – the tower, the painting and the baguettes all spring to mind – but best of all is its pastries. Éclairs, pain au chocolate, macarons and of course, the flaky, buttery crescent-shaped mouth party, the croissant. But – and we know this is blasphemous to some – could the planet’s number one croissant be found a little closer to home? In Melbourne, in fact? The New York Times seems to think so, as it’s calling a Melbourne bakery the home of “the world’s best croissant”.

Lune Croissanterie, on Rose Street in Fitzroy, has been praised for their out-of-this-world decadent croissants by the American daily paper, and if you’ve tried one, you already understand why. Lune Croissanterie founder Kate Reid actually studied aerospace engineering, then worked for a Formula One team, before taking a shot apprenticing at Paris’ famed bakery Du Pain et des Idees. It’s not exactly a linear career path, but honestly, who has one of those nowadays? 

Plus, the skills turned out to be totally transferrable. Thanks to years of precision working with fast-moving machines and engines, Kate has pretty much perfected the art of the croissant with perfectly flaky, effortlessly cylindrical and deliciously tasty pastry every time.

Kate and her brother Cameron make and bake up to 3000 croissants, kouign-ammans and cruffins a week, dishing these beauties out to hungry (and sometimes hungover) supporters from Thursday to Sunday. Recently relocating to a bigger site (their old hole-in-the-wall location would see people lining up halfway down the street), Lune Croissanterie have begun hosting a degustation course called the Lune Lab. Here, lucky punters get first dibs on some of Lune’s most experimental pastries, straight from the oven.

In seats overlooking the kitchen, guests are treated to a three-course meal of pastries while interacting with the bakers and chefs in a behind-the-scenes look at the process.

(Lead image: left; lunecroissanterie/Instagram, right; jwong911/Instagram)

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