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IKEA Has Released Instructions To Make The Blanket Forts Of Your Isolation Dreams

IKEA Has Released Instructions To Make The Blanket Forts Of Your Isolation Dreams

The instruction guide for the ZAMOK IKEA blanket fort.

As lockdown continues, people are coming dangerously close to thinking it’s a good idea to redecorate their houses. But there are only so many indoor plants a person can buy, so why not try your hand at making an IKEA blanket fort?

Thank the quarantine gods because the geniuses at IKEA have whipped up some expert-level blanket fort instructions.

The Swedish flatpack furniture legends have released instructions to make your own IKEA blanket fort at home.

The instructions were released by IKEA Russia with the idea of keeping young kids entertained. At this point, though, why the fuck not spice up your next movie night or cute Zoom date by transforming your lounge room into a cosy fortress?

Depending on your building supplies (by which I absolutely mean couch cushions, blankets, and fairy lights) you can choose between six designs: the DOMIK, PALATKA, NORA, VIGVAM, KREPOST, and ZAMOK.

The NORA is your classic pillow fort setup: drape a blanket over the back of a couch, scatter some cushions underneath, and hang up some glittery fairy lights to set the mood.

The instruction guide for the NORA IKEA blanket fort.

If you want something a bit more hardcore, the KREPOST uses couch cushions as walls and a blanket as a roof for maximum snuggle vibes.

The instruction guide for the KREPOST IKEA blanket fort.

The DOMIC uses a single blanket draped over a table and even has strict instructions to include a cuddly teddy bear in the build. Otherwise, the blanket tent setup of the VIGVAM might be more your scene.

The instruction guide for the VIGVAM IKEA blanket fort.

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Like any other set of IKEA instructions, the blanket fort guides tell you exactly what furniture and accessories you’ll need. The instructions list official IKEA furniture, but you can absolutely substitute pieces out for your second-hand share house couch.

Find the full set of IKEA blanket fort instructions here.

This comes right after the furniture giant released the recipe for their Swedish meatballs. Seriously, IKEA is the gift that keeps on giving.

(Lead image: IKEA Russia / Facebook)

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