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You Can Get A DIY Mosaic Pot Kit Delivered For All Your New Plant Babies

You Can Get A DIY Mosaic Pot Kit Delivered For All Your New Plant Babies

If any good has come out of this unprecedented lockdown, it’s that it more or less triggered the next renaissance, if only because we’re all trying to ward off intense boredom.

Well here’s your next project, mates. We’ve apparently all stocked up on plant babies, so now you can get a kit delivered to DIY some mosaic pots to put them in.


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Dawdle has brought out Terracotta Mosaic Planters, designed to be done in groups, but honestly I love a bit of crafting on my own. Each box includes four pre-sealed terracotta pots, your own choice of tiles to decorate them with, plus all the cement and other equipment you’ll need to finish the job.

We all need entertainment, but you know your garden or home could also do with as many pops of colour around your home as possible to keep some visual cheer going.

Excited? I know, me too. Pop over to their website to order yours. Then check out our guide to actually keep your plants alive in their new homes.

Also bookmark the page because they’ve got some more crafty projects brewing, like scrunchie marbling — very on trend, and satin flower crowns.

Personally, I’d time the crafting experience with a few delivered cocktails and a tasty dish that I didn’t have to cook — you know, really treat yourself. But that’s just me.

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