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This Bar Has A Casual Spot Of Cliff Diving Out Back

This Bar Has A Casual Spot Of Cliff Diving Out Back

Comfy chair? Tick. Ace sunset? Tick. Cocktail in hand? Tick. A heart-thumping plunge into the deep ocean below? That, too. At Rick’s Cafe in Negril, Jamaica, you can have your perfect island holiday, with a thrilling side of cliff jumping to boot.

We’ve spoken about cliff jumping in Jamaica before, and it’s worth repeating: there’s nothing like a leisurely dive into the ocean to wake you up in the morning. Here at Rick’s however, you can get your wake up dip in during cocktail hour.


Rick’s sits beside water so clear, it’s iridescent. It’s no wonder then that crowds gather daily to throw themselves into the ocean’s inviting embrace.


It’s all about the spectacle here at Rick’s. A number of professional divers hang out around the bar, acting as lifeguards, security guards and entertainment. These brave men climb to the top off the tallest nearby tree where a 25 metre high platform awaits. With enough encouragement from the crowd below, the daring divers will fling themselves off the platform with such ease and skill that it almost looks not even a little bit scary.

For the average punter however, there’s the ten-metre high cliff – which by all accounts, is still pretty damn high. The locals at the bar are always willing offer some encouragement for first-time jumpers wishing to take the plunge, though.

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(All images: Rick’s Cafe)

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