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Nattali Rize’s Top 10 Jamaican Hotspots

Nattali Rize’s Top 10 Jamaican Hotspots

Nattali Rize is somewhat of a blues and roots queen. You may know her as the frontwoman of the wildly successful roots band Blue King Brown, but you may also know her as a passionate voice for social justice and human rights across the globe. Using her music as her weapon, Rize is a force to be reckoned with. After spending all of last year living, writing and recording in the beautiful city of Kingston, Jamaica – where she cut her latest record New Era Frequency alongside Jamaican production crew Notis – we thought get the heads up on some of Nattali’s favourite spaces for inspiration, fun and relaxation in this colourful and bustling city. Check out her photos and captions below.

#1 Wickie Wackie beach

01 Wickie Wackie

Wickie Wackie is the name of a beach community just out of Kingston. Every year there are live concerts at one of the houses there that has a great outdoor setting and stage set up. I recently performed there with Notis at their first two-day event, the Wickie Wackie Music Festival, presented by wikid local band Raging Fyah and their team. I’ve been down thereto watch the sunset, and to sit and chill. It’s also where we shot the video for ‘Rebel Love’, which is what this picture of ‘Jason Big Bass Welsh’ is taken from. The sound system lives at this place and always looks dope.

#2 Winifred Beach, Portland

02 winifred_beach

This beautiful little spot is not far from Port Antonio in Portland, Jamaica. My friend recently took me there, we chilled and swam for a while – I could’ve stayed all day. It’s not busy and there’s little stalls where you can get food or drinks as well as hand-made crafts. Fresh coconuts, palm trees, beautiful water – what more could you need really?

#3 Tuff Gong Studios

03 Tuff_Gong_1

Bob Marley’s famous Tuff Gong Studios is one of the places I’ve come to work at quite often. I was like a kid in an amusement park the first time I went there. You can really feel the history – Bob’s instruments are there, the people he worked with are still there. It’s a great studio with a great vibe.

#4 Kingston

04 Kingston

Kingston is surrounded by amazing hills and mountains and it’s where I spend a lot of my time. It’s the most spectacular view I’ve ever lived with – some days you can see a storm roll in over the mountains from miles away and just wait for it to reach you. Other days, the rainbows are huge – sometimes two or three of them at once. At full moon time, the moon rises from behind those mountains and shines on down to Kingston town. It’s very majestic and a very inspirational place to sit and watch the clouds and weather move and change.

#5 Bob Marley Beach

05 bob_marley_beach

I’m a total beach person. Just out of Kingston is Bob Marley Beach, named because Bob used to go there and train and run. Not far from here is Cane River, a fresh-water swimming hole and waterfall that Bob also used to go to, as he sang in his song ‘Trenchtown’: “Up to Cane River to wash my dreads, upon a rock I rest my head.”

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