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Romantic Places To Travel To With Your Significant Other

Romantic Places To Travel To With Your Significant Other

Hands up if you want a romantic escapade, but a lavish trip to Venice is either too expensive, or too corny and overdone? We feel you. Staying in a dreamy bungalow and dining at Michelin star restaurants aren’t an option for everyone, and how many more selfies can one possibly take on gondolas?

Grand trips to “romance capitals” aren’t the only way to show devotion to your significant other. Here are a few alternate holiday spots, guaranteed to make that special someone swoon.

#1 Create lasting memories in Antigua, Guatemala

Photo: Dave Wilson/Flickr CC

Antigua is a bold city that leaves a real impression. The Guatemalan city wears remnants of its colonial history on its sleeve, and its beautiful natural surroundings feature pockets of large active volcanoes. If you’re lucky, you might catch smoke bellowing from the volcano’s mouth brought on by a small-scale eruption. It’s like Guatemala’s equivalent of shooting stars.

Photo: visitguatemala/Instagram

Antigua’s romantic charm is pieced together by its tumbledown buildings and crisp air. There’s no shortage of cute cafes, and there’s an abundance of natural beauty. Ever considered proposing to your lover atop some lava? Take a volcano tour and make it happen.

#2 Lust after Morroco’s Blue City

Photo: adrianclavero/Instagram

Stepping into Chefchaouen is like stepping into Morocco’s very own Santorini. There’s something about the powder-blue city that makes us want to be swept off our feet.

From magnificent tapestries to the wafting aroma of freshly baked bread, Morocco is a country that will make you feel alive and in love. Look down at the cobblestones – it’s subtleties like these that remind you of the rich Spanish-Moroccan history, possessing a 15th century fortress and dungeon.

What’s more, there are plenty of picturesque views with trickling waterfalls and peaking mountains. It’s the perfect backdrop for real romance.

#3 Snuggle up in a glass dome under Iceland’s Northern Lights

Photo: bubbleiceland/Instagram

While Iceland’s dreamy landscape is more on the expensive side, it’s is a trip guaranteed make your significant other’s heart skip a beat. With Buubble Iceland, the two of you can get in some serious cuddle time, keeping warm inside a cozy transparent dome (so long as they aren’t a blanket thief), while taking in the magestic spectacle that is the Northern Lights.

Photo: Kris Williams/Flickr CC

Iceland benefits from being perfect for a visit at any time during the year. In winter, it’s a magical, snowy wonderland, like something out of a fantastical Narnia novel. In summer, the sprawling green landscapes are ideal for a wander with your lover, from waterfalls to sweeping cliffs and so much more in between. Nawwwww.

#4 Unlock your tropical romance in Jamaica

Photo: Visit Jamaica/Facebook

It’s official: Jamaica is the ultimate tropical getaway. Why? Because it’s utterly sublime and doesn’t quite attract the swarms of crowds that Bali’s beaches are lined with. Without the hordes of vodka-fuelled, Bintang-singlet-wearing tourists, you and your other half can fit in some quality time together while soaking up the sun and good vibes.

By day, how does hopping on a bamboo raft to paddle downstream sound? How about horseback riding instead? If you’ve still got energy left after that, jump in the ocean for a spontaneous moonlight swim. Jamaica’s also known for being the home of reggae, so make sure to get in some live music for the full Jamaican experience.

From a booming nightlife to pristine beaches (Montego Bay is an island favourite), there’s no wonder its tourist slogan is ‘Feel The Vibe’.

#5 Hike with your love in the Himalayas

Photo: riinasoo/Instagram

Do you consider yourself something of a power couple? Why not put your relationship to the test by hiking up the Himalayas Mountain range in Nepal?

There’s something romantic about revelling in a challenge with your significant other. From the adrenaline rush to the surreal Nepalese landscape, there couldn’t be a better option for the adventure junkies out there. The cherry on top? You’ll forever be able to say you’ve climbed a mountain in the freakin’ Himalayas together. That’s true love, right there.

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After your mountain pilgrimage, be sure to check out the Buddhist monasteries and temples as well as The Garden Of Dreams. And don’t forget to try as much local Nepalese food as you can – it’s vegan, delicious and nutritious. Yes please! They say the way to the heart is through the stomach…

#6 Head to the Aussie outback for amazing star gazing in Coonabarabran

Photo: Facebook

Don’t let anybody tell you that tramping around Australia isn’t romantic. It’s one hell of an option for budget-conscious out there and the swoon-potential is paralleled for.

Coonabarabran is Australia’s astronomy capital and what could be more romantic than stargazing? A blissful escape from the light pollution of the big city, the Coonabarabran sky is lit up by literally billions of stars.

Photo: NSW National Parks and Wildlife Services

While the sun’s still up, be sure to visit the Siding Spring Observatory or one of the many, many bushwalks on offer, including the legendary bread knife trail. As for nighttime, enjoy the peace, quiet and solitude as you cuddle up by a campfire and enjoy the simple pleasure of just being in each other’s company.

(Lead image: Visit Jamaica/Facebook)

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