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You Need To Visit This Tropical Bar In The Middle Of The Ocean

You Need To Visit This Tropical Bar In The Middle Of The Ocean

Travelling to the Caribbean anytime soon? Here’s a bucket list travel item for you to tick off.

It’s a bar that sells fresh lobster and Red Stripe, located on a sandbar, surrounded by crystal blue tropical water, a mile out from dry land. It’s called Floyd’s Pelican Bar, and it’s the best bar in the whole damn world.

The owner of Pelican Bar is somewhat of a local legend in Jamaica. The story goes that Floyd had a dream one night, telling him that his life’s mission should be to create a bar in the middle of the ocean. And so, with a truckload of driftwood he planted a mile out from the shore, Pelican Bar was born.



Floyd is about as relaxed as a person can possibly be, barely nodding at us with a big smile from his sunny perch as we arrived by a small boat helmed by Captain Michael. We ordered a beer on arrival, which appears to be compulsory – although they do also have rum, of course. Honestly, we couldn’t quite believe the view.


It’s not easy to get to Pelican Bar – although some day tours do go there. The only problem with taking a day tour? You won’t have the bar almost all to yourselves like we did, as those tours can get pretty crowded.

We recommend hiring your own local driver to escort you from the nearby town of Negril to an empty beach in the middle of nowhere, then find a captain of your very own to ferry you out to the bar. Our driver came at a hefty price of $150USD for a whole day – but we also went one way from Negril to Montego Bay, via Pelican Bar and the YS Falls (which are also definitely worth checking out).

Your 10 minute boat ride out to the bar is about $10USD, while a lobster curry and a can of Red Stripe will only set you back about $12USD. And with an Insta-snap like this awaiting you, all that hassle is totally worth it.


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The ocean really is that blue here, and because Pelican Bar is located on a sandbar, you can drift about in waist-deep water, Red Stripe in hand, as you soak up the Jamaican sun.

How’s the serenity?

(Photos: Author’s own)

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