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Just Look At This Bagel

Just Look At This Bagel

Are you sitting down? Good. First up: how do you feel about bagels? Love ’em? Think they’re tops? Well today’s your lucky day.

This is the Oreo Overload.


Just take a long hard look at this bagel. No, really. Stare at it. Stare deep into its sweet, sugary soul. That right there is a vanilla-chocolate swirled bagel stuffed with cookies-and-cream flavoured cream cheese and actual Oreos neatly placed there in the middle. Nice, right?

You can get one for yourself if you like. It’s created by the artisans at The Bagel Nook in Freehold, New Jersey.

cream cheese
Oh what’s that? A tub of Nutella-infused cream cheese? Yeah, OK.

The Bagel Nook describes itself as a “fun bagel store” that serves way more than just bagels. They make in-house cream cheese flavours like maple bacon, jalapeño cheddar and birthday cake. Birthday cake. There’s also brekkie choices like crazy chocolate chip french toast, Chunky Monkey pancakes and something called an Inside Out Donut.

That’s cool and all, but let’s just have another look at that Oreo Overload bagel again.

Oreo gonna finish that, or can I have a bite?

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