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This Looks Like A Very Good Spot For A Cliff Dive

This Looks Like A Very Good Spot For A Cliff Dive

Waimea Beach in Hawaii’s North Shore is the textbook definition of a good beach; it’s a bather’s paradise, with long luxurious stretches of sand and bluer-than-blue water. And – most importantly – you can have the most fun ever jumping off a huge rock into the deep ocean.

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This cliff diving spot at Waimea Beach is what you might call a ‘leap of faith’. Thrill-seekers throw themselves off the rock and plunge into the deep blue waters below, with seemingly little regard for anything outside of ‘having a sick time’.  The rock is an easy climb up from the beach, but the surface can be slippery. Head to the top to see this postcard perfect setting for what it is: pure, unadulterated paradise. The chuck yourself off it with childlike abandon.

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If you’re not one for adventure, there’s no shame in making your way back towards the beach via the rock. But for the thrill seekers out there, you can take the express elevator down to the water.

The highest point to jump off is colloquially called “Towers” and it’s about 12 metres above sea level. The water is about three metres deep, so it’s best to avoid the pinnies and go with a cannonball. Of course, exercise caution and make sure you’ve got a buddy watching over you at all times.

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