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This Amphibious Caravan Is Also A Houseboat

This Amphibious Caravan Is Also A Houseboat

The German-made Sealander camper is a state-of-the-art caravan, but that’s not all it is. When backed into a body of water, this sleek, space-age unit turns into a miniature yacht, complete with an onboard motor and plenty of luxury features. The Sealander’s fibreglass reinforced plastic shell has a double bottom, so it won’t sink on you despite weighing 380 kilograms.


It also comes with a number of customisable features including a compressor cooler, chemical toilet, sound system, barbecue, kitchen, retractable sunroof, fold-out table and seating for six that transforms into a cozy bunkbed.

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The manufacturers of the Sealander only recommend taking it out in calm, shallow waters – the transoceanic voyages will have to wait. But just imagine the possibilities! Oh, the places you’ll go (for only $25,000)…


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