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Join 500 Inflatable Boats Heading Down The Yarra River This Month

Join 500 Inflatable Boats Heading Down The Yarra River This Month

Melbourne’s mighty Yarra River snakes towards the city from the north-east, eventually splitting the CBD into two distinct sides – the north and the south. It’s the divider that signifies Melbourne’s ongoing northside/southside debate (read our take here) and shaped the praised design of the city, but as a body of water, it’s rarely celebrated.

Like a floating fun parade, the Yarra River Inflatable Regatta is here to change that – and with a side of enviro-friendliness too. The event held later this month will see 500 people will make their way two kilometres down-river from Hawthorn, paddling on one- and two-person inflatable rafts, collecting rubbish they find along the way.

After the event was cancelled in the lead up in 2014 due to delayed permits, this year the float-fest is going full steam ahead with the support of Melbourne Water, Parks Victoria and City of Boroondara, among others. 


Approved inflatable boats and life-jackets are provided at the cost of $60 for a single boat and $110 for a two-person raft and the first boat launches at 9:30am, but you can select a time that suits you upon booking. If you’re not the boating type, there are plenty of lookouts where you can go and observe the spectacle, including anywhere along the Capital City Trail between Bridge Road and Yarra Boulevard.

The Inflatable Regatta will set sail on Saturday February 27, 2016. You can buy tickets and find out more info here.

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(h/t Broadsheet. Images: Inflatable Regatta/Facebook)

It’s not too late to join in on the fun. Check out Qantas flights to Melbourne here. 

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