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Festival Bucket List: Yacht Week, Croatia

Festival Bucket List: Yacht Week, Croatia


What: Set sail along the Croatian coast with a bunch of mates for Yacht Week. Coast towards private island villas, exclusive beach parties and an all-inclusive yacht experience – it’s surely the fanciest way to travel across Europe.

Where: Yacht Week’s Croatian trip will see you visit the old fishing town Vis, the charming Komiza for ice cream and beach parties, and Natural Bay for ocean swimming and late night partying aboard your yacht. And that’s only the beginning – there’s also Hvar Island, Regatta and a trip to the magical Blue Caves south of Vis.

When: The best thing  – you choose the date! Booking for Summer 2016 starts October 27th.


Capacity: Yachts can accommodate up to 12 people where you’ll be joined by a professional skipper and hostess during your stay.

Fun fact: Yacht Week is also held in Greece, Turkey, Thailand, Italy and within the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean.

Why should you go? The question really should be why shouldn’t you go – if you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime trip you can take with your mates, this pretty much has it all. Beaches for the days and the parties for the nights – Yacht Week also promise that the DJ will only stop when the last person leaves the dance floor, and they’re pretty serious about that.


(Images: Yacht Week)

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