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Check Out Melbourne’s Floating Airbnb

Check Out Melbourne’s Floating Airbnb

If catching the rising sun while floating on Melbourne’s Docklands sounds like your thing, then you have to check out this Airbnb.


The S.V. Alexander Stewart is the only Airbnb located on the Docklands that offers weekend bookings for guests. It can fit up to a total of 13 people in its private cabins, with eight rooms on offer.

The boat was inspired by one that Joshua Slocum, the first person to singlehandedly sail around the world, used on his voyage. It took more than 20 years to build and even houses a small library where guests can unwind with a book and a view of the ocean.


On the Tallship you can either opt for short sailing trips or a stay in the harbour. For those who can’t afford to sail away, the traditional wooden Tallship is anchored close to the city centre and is just a short tram ride from Melbourne’s coolest cafes and bars.


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It’s also surprisingly affordable, starting from $86 a night for a two person room. And because we’re living in the year 2017, the ship also offers free Wi-Fi for guests. This means you’ll be able to flood Instagram with quality snaps from on board the ship.

The cozy ship is completed by an open deck, where visitors can gaze out at city skyline. Nice.

(All photos: Airbnb)

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