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These Are The Top 10 Summer Destinations According To Pinterest

These Are The Top 10 Summer Destinations According To Pinterest

In the depths of winter, we often find ourselves dreaming of warmer climates, googling places where summer never ends, and pinning all the summer inspiration we can get over on Pinterest.

As we’re no longer making inspiration boards IRL anymore – modern dreamers have well and truly embraced Pinterest as a means to discover and share picture-perfect holiday destinations. And don’t think they’re not paying attention to what’s being pinned – they’ve actually crunched the numbers to find the most pinned summer destinations right now.

Prepare to swoon.

#1 Pink Sand Beach, Bahamas


Harbour Island in the Bahamas trumps other versions of paradise in sheer prettiness by offering a pastel-pink coastline that is most pronounced during the golden hours of sunrise and sunset. The soft rosy hues of the aptly named Pink Sands Beach are produced when the pure white sand mixes with the red shells of single cell marine animals known as foraminifera.

#2 Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia


Plitvice Lakes is Croatia’s turquoise crowning jewel. Visitors can explore the footbridges and pathways that link Plitvice’s 16 mineral rich lakes – but be sure to get there early to beat the summer crowds.

#3 Lago di Braies, Italy

Photo: Johan Meulenkamp/Flickr

Lago di Braies is a lake found in the lush verdant valley of the Prags Dolomite mountains in South Tyrol, Italy. Visitors can explore this picture-perfect vista by hiking in the mountains, rowing along the lake or just staring slack-jawed by the side of it, stunned by its immense beauty.

#4 The Waitomo Glowworm Caves, New Zealand


The Waitomo Caves are a located about two hours out of Auckland and we reckon this is probably the best place to host a cave rave. They’re a mystical must-see if you’re travelling through New Zealand.

#5 Cascada Bigar, Romania

Photo: Celan Remus/Flickr

To get to the Bigar waterfall and the Anina Mountains in Romania, visitors must first cross and icy river barefoot, before climbing a shaky rope ladder. But once you set eyes on this watery nature reserve, it’ll all be worth it. Water cascades over moss-covered rocks which bloom green all year round – it’s a magical sight, that’s for sure.

#6 The Azores, Portugal

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 1.15.26 PM
Photo: ksushastolenpencil/Instagram

Home to the illustrious Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, the Azores archipelago in Portugal doesn’t disappoint. With a quaint mixture of small manor houses and clear sapphire waters, these islands are actually formed in a crater of an underwater volcano. It doesn’t get much cooler than that.

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#7 Trolltunga, Norway

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 1.13.31 PM
Photo: christywithak/Instagram

To get to this drool-worthy photo-op means a long day’s hike through a vast Norweigan canyon. The trek is best done in summer too, when the mountain snow has melted and the clouds have cleared so you can see for miles.

#8 Faroe Islands, Denmark

Photo: Hans Juul Hansen/Flickr

Rolling green hills, small bespoke townships and colourful grass-roofed cottages abound at the Faroe Islands, a small collection of islands located between Iceland and Norway. This is Scandinavia at its best, and you’ll probably never want to leave.

#9 Havasu Falls, Arizona

Photo: Robb Hannawacker/Flickr

Situated uphill from the mighty Colorado River and deep within the Grand Canyon is Havasu Falls. You’ll find this colourful Garden of Eden after a hot and dusty 16 kilometre trek through the Arizonan desert, where the inviting blue waters will be your welcome reward.

#10 Jacob’s Well, Texas

Photo: Patrick Lewis/Flickr

An actual hole in the earth that you can jump into might sound a little terrifying, but not when it’s filled with fresh water that’s perfect for a dip on a hot summer day. Jacob’s Well is Texas’ biggest underwater cave and nature’s gift to adventurous swimmers – the cave descends vertically for around nine metres, then branches off into four channels which deep-sea divers have found to reach almost 1300 metres below the surface. Very cool.

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