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This Map Predicts The Most Popular Holiday Destinations For Aussies In 2021

This Map Predicts The Most Popular Holiday Destinations For Aussies In 2021

Sure, it might seem too early to start calling the most popular holiday destinations for next year, what with all this pandemic uncertainty. On the other hand, that’s exactly the reason that I, and apparently many of us, have not stopped thinking about our future travel plans.

Travel company Kuoni used the research from Google Trends to find out where everyone wanted to travel next year and chucked it in a big old map for us.


Australian’s are staying closer to home

Look, I’ve been dreaming big, but I appreciate that most Aussies are being pretty sensible with their top five travel destinations.

Fiji came in at number one, which is super likely to be possible considering they’ve already discussed a travel bubble with us, albeit one with a few catches.

Japan came in at number two, so we’re obviously thinking that closer is better when we first start venturing out after a pandemic.

New Zealand is number three, which will almost certainly be possible as long as things don’t go backwards. They’ve already talked about a travel bubble with us, and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern even said they’d be happy to host all of Australia right now, except Victoria who are obviously having a second wave (sorry guys).

Then we have Bali and Canada rounding out the top five. I guess it’s a bit of a ‘wait and see’ for these two.

Where is the world going?

When you look at the total numbers around the world, the results are a little different. United Arab Emirates came in for the top spot, followed by Canada — so I guess everyone is craving a little bit of the outdoors.

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U.S.A. came in at number three, which just seems so unlikely to be possible by next year from an international traveller standpoint, but maybe this is just all the Americans planning trips around their own countries?

Qatar took out number four, showing that the Middle East is looking popular at the moment, and Egypt finished in fifth place.

Will ANY of this be possible? Who bloody knows, but you can’t stop a traveller from dreaming.

(Lead Image: Unsplash / Joe Cakacaka)

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