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These 11 Countries Are Currently Trending With Aussie Travellers

These 11 Countries Are Currently Trending With Aussie Travellers

Our passports have spoken. Research conducted by Webjet shows the top 11 counties that are #trending with Australian travellers right now. The study is based on the countries that have experienced the highest increase of Australian visitors in 2015 compared to 2014, with the top two countries more than doubling their influx of Aussies this year.

Unsurprisingly, Australians are still besotted with Europe. The Old Continent is home to nine of the eleven hyped countries on the list, which you can check out below.


#11 Sweden

Australian travel is up: 57%


This Scandinavian metropolis is turning into quite the tourist destination with its mixture of crystal-clear lakes, vast green forests and maybe a glimpse of the iconic Northern Lights if you’re lucky. Just remember to rug up if you’re visiting in the colder months, Sweden doesn’t really do winter that well – it basically freezes over and there’s little to no daylight – which is super fun if you like indoors stuff.

#10 Ireland

Australian travel is up: 57%


It’s not all about green clovers and Guinness – Ireland is your go-to spot for natural beauty, cobblestone cities, national parks full of wild red deer (Killarney National Park, it’s awesome), and yeah, beer. A glass of Guinness in a local Irish pub is one of those gotta-do things.

#9 Denmark

Australian travel is up: 59%


Sure, small Denmark doesn’t have the jaw-dropping beauty of neighbouring Norway, but there’s a reason its often voted high on those ‘quality of life’ lists – it’s simple, relaxed and full of cool culture. Hop on a bike and meander the cobblestone streets for a glimpse of the good life.

#8 Czech Republic

Australian travel is up: 59%


To truly experience Europe, you have to get off the well-beaten tourist track – more recently, that means a visit to the Czech Republic and Prague. It has history, good food and atmosphere in spades – sit by the river and watch the day turn into night.

#7 Cambodia

Australian travel is up: 59%


A country that isn’t in Europe! Aussies seem to be ditching the once popular Asian destinations like Thailand or Vietnam for something a little more low-key – Cambodia. This south-east Asian country is filled with mountains, low-lying grass plains and the Mekong Delta river. Its natural beauty coupled with its impressive history are definitely Cambodia’s major draw cards.

#6 Turkey

Australian travel is up: 68%


Hot air ballooning over Cappadocia is definitely one for the bucket list, as well as a trip to the other-worldly cotton castle hot springs at Pamukkale. Oh, and kebabs. It makes sense that Australians are flocking here.

#5 Switzerland

Australian travel is up: 71%


Who would pass up a trip to the Swiss Alps? Not us, nor many Australians it seems.

#4 Japan

Australian travel is up: 78%


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This makes sense – it seems like every one and their dog was headed to Japan this year to experience the wild world of Japanese culture and cuisine.

#3 Italy

Australian travel is up: 91%


Still a crowd-favourite, you can easily stock up on architecture, history and loads of carbs while visiting this famed holiday destination – stretchy pants are a must.

#2 Spain

Australian travel is up: 107%


Ditto for the stretchy pants. Spain is one of those places you want to visit again and again because there’s just so much to see and do and so many key differences between the regions.

#1 Greece

Australian travel is up: 162%


Ah, Greece. Clearly the economic crisis didn’t stop Aussies from embracing this colourful and historic country – in fact, it’s somewhere where the Australian dollar is still going throng, which might explain why Australians visitors to this country have more than doubled in the past year.

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