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There’s A New Pair Of Qantas Pyjamas To Covet

There’s A New Pair Of Qantas Pyjamas To Covet

Even if you’ve never had the pleasure of slipping on a pair, you’re probably aware of the super soft, comfy, grey long-sleeved pyjamas that Qantas Business Class passengers get provided with onboard. They’re a thing of legend, and as someone who has managed to score a pair, I can confirm that they trump any other sleeping attire. I kind of feel bad for casting away all of the pairs of PJs my mum has bought me over the years, but I insist on wearing these every night; they’re just that good.

And now the popular PJs have some competition from the even pointier end of the plane. Qantas has announced its new Martin Grant-designed pyjamas and slippers for International First travellers, serving up luxe nightwear that’s so stylish, you’re going to be rocking it at your travel destination too.

Mmmm, soft.

The Martin Grant PJs are a chic navy colour and made from 100 percent cotton for that comfy high-altitude feel. They also come with matching navy and black slippers (with chic red lining) to really complete your off-duty look.

The unisex PJs in action.

Grant has also created stylish male and female amenity kits in the same navy hues as the pyjamas. They feature ASPAR by Aurora Spa products, specially-designed travel socks, a dental kit, ear plugs and deodorant. The special eye mask inside cups the eyes for maximum comfort and light blockage. It’s literally everything you need to feel fly in the sky.


Martin Grant’s designs feature on catwalks all over the world and have been worn by celebs like Cameron Diaz, Emma Stone and Taylor Swift, so you can expect these PJs will make you, too, feel like a total A-lister.

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So how do your slip your bod into a pair of these bad boys? They’ll be available for anyone flying International First to take home, so you can either book or upgrade a flight, or keep an ear out for anyone flying in the meantime and beg them for their pair.

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