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Last Chance Alert: Grab Your Free Qantas Points and Status Credits Today!

Last Chance Alert: Grab Your Free Qantas Points and Status Credits Today!

Last Chance Alert: Grab Your Free Qantas Points and Status Credits Today!

Attention to All Frequent Flyers and Qantas Enthusiasts! Have you taken a flight with Qantas in the past year? If so, they’re offering you a choice between free Qantas points or status credits. Why, you ask? Following the impressive $2.47 billion full-year profit post-Covid, Qantas is saying thank you.

Hurry, Limited Time Offer: Expires at 11.59pm EST on August 30th!

Seize this opportunity before it slips away! The clock is ticking, and the chance for these bonus points concludes at 11.59pm EST on Wednesday, August 30th.

Calculating Your Rewards: How It Works

Your reward depends on your air travel within the 12 months after July 1, 2022. If you’ve taken one to nine flights, you can choose: either 1,000 bonus Qantas Points or 30 status credits. However, if your journey includes ten flights or more, you’ll have the option to enjoy either 5,000 bonus Qantas Points or an incredible 75 status credits.

Claiming Your Rewards: The Qantas App is Key

Simply log in using your Qantas Frequent Flyer number and select your preferred reward from the app’s home screen. Please note that you’ll need a smartphone or tablet to access these rewards; they are currently not accessible through the website.

Qantas Points or Status Credits?

Are you close to maintaining your current Qantas status or moving up to the next tier? With 30 or 75 status credits, you can seamlessly bridge the gap. Don’t forget to consider the potential loyalty bonus, which could add an additional 50 status credits to your collection.

For those aiming for lifetime status like Lifetime Silver or Lifetime Gold, those extra status credits could be the key to your success. However, if status credits don’t align with your travel goals, the practicality of Qantas Points might influence your decision.

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Upgrades and Status Elevation

Imagine treating yourself to the luxury of business class with just 5,000 Qantas Points – more than enough for a flexible economy to business class upgrade between Sydney and Melbourne. Alternatively, the allure of 75 status credits can propel you towards achieving a one-way business class fare from Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane to Perth.

Remember, time is of the essence. This promotion finishes at 11.50pm EST on August 30th!

Photo-illustration: AWOL, Photos: Qantas

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