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In Photos: Parrtjima, The Outback’s First Indigenous Light Festival

In Photos: Parrtjima, The Outback’s First Indigenous Light Festival

Parrtjima – A Festival Of Light is now illuminating Alice Springs for a total of ten nights of light and sound.

The event is the first of its kind in the world – bringing together the oldest continuing culture on earth, the newest technology and the 300-million-year old canvas of the mighty MacDonnell Ranges  –and judging by the photos, it looks absolutely breathtaking.

As well as 2.5 kilometres of the MacDonnell Ranges, the Alice Springs Desert Park is also home to light installations for the duration of the festival. The artworks are pretty unreal. In Range of Expression, visitors can play a part in illuminating the mountain range by stepping into an interactive glass booth, controlling the panels and choosing which colours will light the vast landscape – yes, really. There’s also Yeperenye Tales (Caterpillars), which sees a series of three large, light-filled caterpillar installations featuring colourful illustrations by students from Amoonguna School in Alice Springs, based on their interpretation of the Yeperenye (Caterpillar) Dreamtime story.

There’s also a Festival Hub where attendees can gather to enjoy some good food and an array of non-alcoholic beverages.

Have a flick through the photos below before promptly booking your tickets for next year:

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Parrtjima – A Festival Of Light is on now until October 2, and it’s completely free. Check out more information here.

(All images: James Horan for AGB Events)

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