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The View From This Ten-Storey High Berlin Bar Is Bananas

The View From This Ten-Storey High Berlin Bar Is Bananas

While it’s certainly not groundbreaking to find a bar at the top of a ten-storey building, this Berlin mainstay gives its guests a rad view with a difference.

High, high above the Berlin city landscape you’ll find the Monkey Bar at the 25Hours Hotel Bikini Berlin. Funny name for a bar, right? But it fits, because this hotspot is actually located right beside the monkey enclosure at the Berlin Zoo.


While taking a walk through the zoo is great, the Monkey Bar gives you a clear bird’s eye view of the animals in their enclosure which you get to enjoy with a drink in hand. You’ll get the best views during the sunlight hours so embrace the day-drinker in you and enjoy a cocktail while watching the primates frolic below.


For the best monkey monitoring, claim a spot on the tiered benches near the floor to ceiling windows.

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Be warned though, the designers of the Monkey Bar had a bit of a cheeky sense of humour. Those floor to ceiling windows also extend to the bathroom, so the monkeys might catch a glimpse of you in a not-so-flattering position (yikes). But hey – this flip of the script seems only fair after you’ve been ogling them all afternoon. For a more discreet experience, the hotel bathrooms downstairs are also an option.

(All images: Monkey Bar)

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