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You Can Go To A Breaking Bad Themed Cafe Now

You Can Go To A Breaking Bad Themed Cafe Now

It’s been two years since Walter White graced (or disgraced?) our screens on Breaking Bad and some fans are obviously feeling the gap in their weekly television schedule.


Enter Walter’s Coffee Roastery in Istanbul, which is themed to pay homage to the show.


Owner Deniz Kosan has created a cafe that mimics White’s “cooking” but replaces the untoward stuff with a scientific approach to brewing coffee.


The fancy coffee super lab which opened earlier this year has all of the BB trimmings – there’s Chemex coffee makers, a huge periodic table of the elements on the wall, drinks fro beakers, blue rock candy and even baristas in yellow chem-hazard jumpsuits.


If only opening a cafe was the direction the characters on the show took 🙁

(Photos: Walter’s Coffee Roastery/Facebook)

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