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OAK Has Released Lolly-Flavoured Milk And I Don’t Know How To Feel

OAK Has Released Lolly-Flavoured Milk And I Don’t Know How To Feel

There are some flavours that just pair so perfectly with cold milk. Strawberry is a personal favourite of mine, vanilla might be ‘boring’ but it’s also tasty, caramel and chocolate, obviously. Hell, I can even get behind peanut butter.

But never have I ever considered that milk or lollies would be significantly improved by throwing them both together. This is probably why I don’t work at OAK, in whatever department thinks up new flavours.

OAK just announced their new range, which includes Allen’s Fantales, Allen’s Pineapples and Nestle Peppermint Crisp — and I’m sorry but I really need to ask why? Yet, strangely, I also really need to have just a tiny taste of each of them, so touché OAK.

This is following the equally troubling previous release of Chokito, Jaffas and Red Skins flavoured OAKS. Actually Red Skins would probably slap, I’d get behind that.

Still, there’s no denying that this is the perfect time to try new things and make new memories. No-one could deny that a carton of milk flavoured like a classic lolly wouldn’t be a good story to tell if your friends are already done hearing about your new baking habits.

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The new range is already out in Woolworths for $2.65 each, so get to hunting. Just maybe have something else on hand to use as a chaser. Like a meal that is actually delish, or I don’t know, a cocktail. I’m not going to tell you what to do.

(Lead Image: Woolworths)

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