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There’s A New Paddle Pop Flavour And It’s Helping Raise Money For Koala Conservation

There’s A New Paddle Pop Flavour And It’s Helping Raise Money For Koala Conservation

Just in time for the warmer weather, Streets have release a brand new Paddle Pop flavour, and the simple act of buying one will help raise funds for our poor koalas. So everybody wins.

While it often seems like life before the pandemic doesn’t exist, if we cast our minds back we’ll remember the messed up bush fires that not only affected so many people, but caused devastation on the already threatened koala population.

“Koala populations have seen a dramatic decline over the last five to ten years and raising awareness for koala conservation is now more crucial than ever,” said WIRES CEO Leanne Taylor in a statement.

Image: Provided / Streets

To do just that (and treat our tastebuds), Streets joined forces with WIRES and Sydney Zoo to release the new koala-shaped choc caramel Paddle Pop on National Threatened Species Day.

For the next two years, Paddle Pop will help support several WIRES’ koala conservation projects, including Koala Rehabilitation Facilities (planned make-overs and building of enclosures), Koala Health Hub (lab and research expertise into koala care at the University of Sydney) and the Water Drinkers Project (an initiative to install water drinkers in areas heavily impacted by the fires and drought).

“We’re proud to partner with an organisation who actively strives to support our Aussie wildlife like WIRES do,” said Paddle Pop Brand Manager Annie Lucchitti in a statement.

“We wanted to create our new Koala Paddle Pop to help raise awareness of koala conservation among Aussie families – and what better way to support these cuddly creatures than with an ice cream in your hand”.

Meanwhile, Sydney Zoo will be donating 10 percent of all sales of the Koala Choc Caramel Paddle Pop onsite to WIRES during September and October.

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“Supporting WIRES presents an exciting opportunity for Sydney Zoo and its guests to directly contribute towards rebuilding koala populations in Australia and help raise awareness of the issues our iconic species face”, said Jake Burgess, Sydney Zoo Managing Director.

Sounds like a bloody good excuse to eat some ice cream if you ask me.

(Lead Image: Provided / Streets)

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